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It's a brand new way for us to connect with one another...a live stream...on Amazon. Seriously, it's an incredibly cool opportunity for me to interact with you.  You can ask me questions, learn about the concepts behind my stories, and have a chance to win some free stuff. I'll be live, for the first time, on Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 8PM CDT.  To join me, you can follow my author page.  You'll get a push alert reminding you to join the conversation send right to your device.  Click here to go to my page, then click the FOLLOW tab right under my way-too-serious-looking photograph.  You can also follow me on Facebook.  I'll post a link right before the stream is live. The stream should last about twenty minutes or so.  I'll do a Q&A and talk about my two new releases along with some big discounts and those giveaways I mentioned. I'll only be offering the giveaways to people watching the live stream. TWO new releases you say?  Yes... Book two of The Alt Apocalypse is out on July 17.  LIT is a fast-paced story about surviving urban and wildfires.   Also a new stand-alone story called PILGRIMAGE is out on the same day.  It's just .99 And book on the The Alt Apocalypse is also .99.  ASH takes place after a nuclear attack. Hope you join me for what should a fun and entertaining experience...LIVE ON AMAZON.
When I wrote HOME about a year ago, I never imagined the response.  I've gotten emails and messages from all over the world.  It's been incredibly gratifying, especially because it marked my return to self-publishing. Some of you may already know I signed two book deals (five books) with a great group of people at an independent traditional publisher.  They did what they could to get my books into the hands of readers and onto the shelves of book stores. I felt, in the long run, though I'd be better off taking the reins myself.  It was a risk.  I had no upfront costs with a traditional publisher and they shared the marketing load.   When I self-publish, I am the author, the publisher, the marketer, and everything in between. Add to that, I had no idea if anyone would read my newest book, which was my first full length offering in the Post Apocalyptic genre. Frightening. Incredibly, over the course of three weeks, the book began selling.  It's rank began climbing.  It reached number one in the Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian genres and held steady in the spot for more than a month.  HOME, without promotion or discount, reached #100 on all of Amazon. Crazy. Enough people read the book in January that the book was A Kindle Unlimited All-Star selection.  The websites Bookbub and Boing Boing wrote about the novel and told readers to go buy it. Incredible. It's really jump-started my writing career and given birth to all kinds of opportunities. First, HOME and its two sequels are included in Amazon's #PoweredByIndie promotion this month, which features popular works by independent authors. Second, HOME is part of the launch for the brand new Amazon Prime Reading library.  Those who belong to Amazon Prime can now read a rotating selection of popular ebooks for free.  It's a wonderful new program for Prime members, which enhances the already valuable (and cheap) membership.  To think that a whole new batch of readers will have the opportunity to find HOME and dive into its story is fantastic.  HOME will be part of the program for about ninety days. If you haven't read it, I hope you give it a shot.  If you have, I hope you'll recommend it to a friend. Thanks, as always, for your support.
LOTS OF BIG MID-SUMMER NEWS! My best-selling post apocalyptic novel, HOME, is on sale for the first time. Between 8/1 and 8/4 it's only ninety-nine cents. On 8/5 it moves to $1.99.  And then on 8/8 it's back to the regular price. This is a great opportunity to invest in book one of The Traveler Series for a cheap price. Here are the links: United States United Kingdom Australia If you know anyone who hasn't read it yet, please spread the word. Also now available for the first time is my eighth novel, INTENTION. It is, in my humble opinion, the best book I've written.  It's a conspiracy novel that delves into the secret dealings of would-be dystopian goverments. You'll love it. Here's a link to the hot-off-the-presses thriller. Finally,  I think you'll enjoy the brand-spanking-new audio version of my first published novel SEDITION. It's narrated by the fantastic Kevin Pierce and well worth the price of admission. You can check it out here. I'll have more news in a few weeks...but this should keep you busy for a while... Best, Tom
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One of the best things about being an author is becoming friends with other authors. So many talented people are willing to share, inspire, help, prod, encourage, and promote. Below are some books from some really good people whose books deserve all they attention they get and more.  Just click on the images to learn more about the books and the people who wrote them.                                                                                                                                                                            
Tom Abrahams
There isn't much that's free in this world.  But this month, AUDIOBOOK MONTH, fantastic narrator and talented audiobook producer Kevin Pierce is working in conjunction with Audible to give you one free audiobook.  THIS IS A PART OF AUDIBLE'S NEW SEND THIS BOOK FEATURE.  It allows you to choose one FREE book from a friend without joining Audible's monthly service. If you're interested, you can pick any of the books listed below.  All of them are narrated by Kevin and all of them are written by wonderfully talented authors. Pick one by clicking on the cover you like.  Enjoy.  Then please leave a review. And if you haven't gotten a chance, please check out my newly redesigned website. Happy audiobook month.
Tom Abrahams
Welcome to my new website.  My daughter's been telling me the old one sucked.  She was right. This one is easier to navigate and so much prettier at which to look. Take a look around.  Click the links.  Let me know if there's anything you'd change. While you're here, if you haven't already, please sign up for my Preferred Reader's Club. It's free.  And you'll be the first to know about discounts, new releases, and other fun stuff.
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